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As a Teflon® lining company, the goal of Patrian Equipment is to promote 'interesting' technical products and solutions to customers in the chemical, petrochemical, food, power and pharma industry. For us, 'interesting' means less energy loss, less risk of corrosion, longer lifespan, faster project lead time, smaller installation costs, and lower maintenance- and process costs. Only dealing with such 'products', such as Teflon® lining, gives us the satisfaction as a company, the conviction and the strength to continue.

"We sometimes feel like a salmon that has to swim upstream and our mission is certainly not easy, it is often to fight against rusted habits. Introducing new solutions requires a lot of energy and perseverance to remove doubts and fears. But by persevering we succeed, we ultimately have satisfied customers and do we've fun. "


Teflon® lining solutions for any project within your company

Teflon®, the well-known brand name of PTFE, is used for lining systems in various industries. Our lined equipment is perfect to use when treating various chemicals up to 270°C. Both PTFE and PFA have an excellent chemical resistance as well. Our company is happy to provide you with bespoke and innovative applications of Teflon® lining. We also offer all the required piping supports and – fittings such as  PTFE spacers and  lined agitators.

Benefit from our extensive knowledge and fast delivery

When you cooperate with Patrian Equipment, you are also ensured of fast delivery times and sophisticated solutions that do not require high maintenance costs. Contact our specialists and enquire after the possibilities for your processes. Take a look at our solutions to get an initial impression of what we offer.

Industries we work for

Chemical Industry

This keystone of economy is using a lot of different corrosive, toxique and
hazardous products. Think to bromine, Aqua Regia (Koningswater or Kings Water),
caustic soda, hydrochloric acids, sulfuric acids and so many more
Also anti static lining or - coatings are available.


Drugs or pharma products are requiring the highest level of cleanliness and purity.
Selected fluorplastics have unmatched levels of resistance to chemicals, far more than
exotic alloys or glass. Our FDA approuved linings do not contaminate nor impart any particles
into the process, rather they preserve the purity of the end-product.

R&D laboratoria

PTFE and glass are the major construction materials.
Into these labo's we can find glass vessels and reactors, equipped with PTFE agitators or mixers,
wave breakers, column internals, filters, pipes, valves, seals etc...
We can also build complete mini plants with al the necessary processing equipment.

Water treatment

This industrie is using metals a Duplex, Inconel, Titanium or other exotic alloys to resist corrosion.
Polymers or fluorpolymers lined equipment is an alternative to these expensive metals.
Next to corrosion resistance is anti sticking of the linings a very big advantage.
Our linings avoid material build up against walls of equipment what results in a higher output and purity.

Semi Conductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is the aggregate collection of companies engaged in the design and fabrication of semiconductors.

Bio Diesel

Trans-esterification proces of fats is requiring corrosive media to neutralize at the end
of the process.


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■ Chemical industry
■ Pharmaceutical
■ R&D laboratoria
■ Semi conductor industry
■ Bio diesel
■ Water treatment
■ Oil & Gas

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