Pre-Insulated pipes

Benefits of pre-insulated pipes are multiple:
For the end users it offers, a possible smaller project time window, very low energy loss of the fluid together with a garantie to no corrosion what leads in a zero cost maintenance.
For piping constructors it offers a faster project time traject, less organisation and logistic, less scaffolding, a garantied high quality insulation, and finally less costs.

Pre-insulated pipes

Materials of the central product pipes: seamless or welded, stainless steel or carbon steel,
DIN or ANSI, cupper pipes, PE pipes, GRE pipes (glassfiber reinforced epoxy)

Materials for outside sheeting in metal are: Aluminium is our AlMg³ alloy almost identic to Isoxal,
we've also steel with aluminium anodisation and hot dip zinc coating available, knowed in the market as Aluzinc
Stainless steel, mostly applicated in corrosive environments, fire protection or in production facilities in food or beverage
Non metallic materials are HDPE (corona treated) for underground or burried applications

Special applications

Jabiterm AG-partnership for:

■ for drain water tubes at buildings, bridges or tunnels (winterice free)
■ for greasy wastewater (heat traced), in industrial kitchens, food companies or abbatoirs.
■ Pipe in pipe applications for transport of high corrosive or toxique liquids in factories or over railways.
■ Tube in tube application for crossing distances without supporting between.
■ Aplications where cast iron tubes are required.
■ Composit insulation systems like mineralwool as first layer and injected PUF as second layer; or foamed glass with injected PUF, other combinations after testing
■ Flanged pipes
■ Flanged pipes with internal PTFE, PU or rubber lining

Cryo, cold and heat-traced solutions

Jabiterm AG partnership for :

■ cryo applications
for transporting liquid ethylene, LNG, butane, propane, propylene, nitrogene
■ cold & low temperature applications
like ice water, glycols, ammonia, CO² etc…
■ process
for chemicals, beer or other beverages, drinking or high purity waters

Underground piping for mainly utulities

■ cold fluida - district cooling
■ hot fluida - district heating, hot water or even hot air


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■ Chemical industry
■ Pharmaceutical
■ R&D laboratoria
■ Semi conductor industry
■ Bio diesel
■ Water treatment
■ Oil & Gas

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