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PTFE - For treating various chemicals up to 270°C

Patrian's lined equipment is ideally for treating various chemicals up to 270°C. We can deal with every pressure or vacuum, even full vacuum. The linings with a given permeation resistance and thickness, are needed to hold the corrosive chemicals away from getting close to the steel wall. Lined equipment is knowing almost no limits.

Pre-Insulated pipes

Benefits of pre-insulated pipes are multiple:
For the end users it offers, a possible smaller project time window, very low energy loss of the fluid together with a garantie to no corrosion what leads in a zero cost maintenance.
For piping constructors it offers a faster project time traject, less organisation and logistic, less scaffolding, a garantied high quality insulation, and finally less costs.

Pipe supports &
secundary steel

Pipe supports for industrial applications or installation services as HVAC, CVC, refrigeration, plumbing.
Materials used: stainless steel or carbon steel
Surface protection:
Stainless steel, mostly applicated in corrosive environments or in production facilities in food or beverage


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■ Chemical industry
■ Pharmaceutical
■ R&D laboratoria
■ Semi conductor industry
■ Bio diesel
■ Water treatment
■ Oil & Gas

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