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PTFE lined agitator

When you are looking for a PTFE lined agitator, you want to have a piece of equipment that is tailored to your specific requirements. At Patrian Equipment in Belgium, we have the experience and the tools to find an intelligent solution for you. By using cost-effective methods and high-quality material, you will receive a low-maintenance and long-term resolution. Find out more about how we can provide you with the ideal PTFE lined agitator. 

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A PTFE lined agitator and more applications for your company

A PTFE lined agitator might just be one of the various materials you are looking for. Perhaps you are also looking for PTFE lined pipes or PTFE lined reactors? As a Teflon® and polymer lining company, we can provide you with all the tools you need. As we have already supplied R&D laboratories, chemical facilities, pharmaceutical companies and much more, we know how to deliver bespoke solutions. We can do this at a significantly faster rate than any of our competitors do. 

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Whether you want a PTFE lined agitator or one of our other materials, we are happy to help you. Discover our solutions and contact our team to place an order or ask possible questions. You can reach us by filling in the contact form, by calling to +32 473 87 07 46 or by sending an email to


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■ Semi conductor industry
■ Bio diesel
■ Water treatment
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