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When you need PTFE spacers that perfectly fit your application, Patrian Equipment has the right solutions and products available. Because we think it is important that our customers benefit from a bespoke and durable solution, we always focus on their specific preferences, systems, and industry. We are happy to supply PTFE spacers, and many other pipeline components, to your company in the most efficient and accurate way.

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PTFE or Teflon® spacers are necessary to achieve precise spacing between components and/or materials, especially when it comes to a system with lined pipes. These systems are often used in various industries, and every industry has its own requirements with respect to materials and dimensions. We would like to discuss the preferences of your company in order to deliver the best solution immediately. Besides a durable application with the right pipeline components, such as PTFE spacers, you also benefit from low installation, maintenance, and process costs. We also guarantee less risk of corrosion and a fast project lead time.

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Do you want to receive more information about our working processes and methods? Or do you want some advice about the application of PTFE spacers to your systems? Do not hesitate to contact our specialists. Call us at +32 473 87 07 46, send an email to, or fill in the contact form.


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